Kallpa Securities SAB

What we offer

What we offer

Kallpa Securities business units.

Kallpa Securities is a company dedicated to investment banking.

The company has four management divisions:
- Sales & Trading.
- Corporate Finance.
- Special Transactions Management.
- Operations.

Sales & Trading

This division buys / sells securities in stock exchanges and the over the counter markets in Peru and abroad. It has specialized executives in three areas: research, sales and trading.

The research team makes recommendations to buy / sell securities in Peru based on fundamental analysis, which includes valuations using dividend discount models, market ratios, technical analysis and others. This area produces research on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The research team covers 18 stocks that trade in the Lima stock market.

The sales team is responsible for advising clients. The executives of this area absorb information and recommendations given by Research and place this information and recommendations to clients. To do this, the brokers must know their customers, know the degree of risk aversion they have, their investment horizons and their tastes and preferences in the market. The relationship we build with clients is key to ensure the business of the company in the long run.

The trading team executes orders placed by clients. Traders must buy / sell securities at the best market price, while respecting the customer's orders. Traders will also place orders to buy / sell securities in international markets and build relationships with international brokers.

FX Trading We buy and sell PEN/USD/EUR for retail and institutional investors. We offer a better exchange rate than our competitors. Settlement and execution services are the fastest and safest in the market. Kallpa SAB has authorization of the SMV and SBS to offer FX trading services. Therefore, Kallpa SAB can receive and make payments quickly through the five biggest banks in Peru and do interbank transfers with other banks and financial institutions in the country.

Corporate Finance

This division advises companies and potential issuers in financial matters. It specializes in structuring financial products and coordinating with the sales team the placement of securities in the market. It also has an excellent track record in M&A, financial advisory and valuations.

Among the activities this area performes are:
• Structuring Capital Market Products.
• Structuring, placement and / or listing of equities in the stock market.
• Structuring, placement of commercial papers, bonds and other fixed income securities.
• Consulting & Financial Advisory.
• Financial Analysis and Valuations.
• Mergers and Acquisitions.


Special Transactions Management

In the Special Transactions Management, we structure, in a specialized way, operations related to redemption or exchange of investment shares, management of tender offer for control (OPA) and, the purchase processes of stock exchange actions through tender offer for delisting (OPC). These transactions are successfully done through Kallpa SAB who coordinates with each authorized broker agency so they fully inform shareholders about the benefits of the operation.

In addition, we support your company in order to raise funds through the management of capital increase processes for new contributions, we work hand by hand with your investor relations area and treasury in the processes of shares subscription and funds collection. We also act as placement agent in private offers, representative of bondholders, underwriter and market maker of listed shares in the Lima Stock Exchange

Special Transactions Management staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out with your transactions in a fast and efficient way according to the requirements of your company.



This unit supervises the process of planning, organization and management control in order to achieve strategic objectives.

The areas in this unit are:
- Back-Office and Settlements.
- Information Technology.
- Accounting and Human Resources.
- Control.